10 July 2007

Briar Creek Pipeline

Hello Scotland Neighbors,
Those of you most affected probably already are aware of this, but for everyone else, or those who threw it out without looking at it, a reminder of the notice we received in the mail last week:

Christ Church, Wednesday July 11, 6:30 pm.-Neighborhood meeting.

To receive e-mail updates: e-mail your name, address, e-mail address to akirkpatrick@carolinapr.com. Put Briar Creek E-mail list in the subject line.

Contact Person: Cam Coley 704-391-5106

click construction projects for information.

Please pass this on to your neighbor if you know they are not on this distribution list.

28 March 2007

Did tree banding work?

I think we are about to find out!


10 October 2006

Fall Update

Dates to Remember
Saturday 28 October Plaza Midwood Fall Crawl Cankerworm Festival (PDF flyer)

Plaza Midwood tree banding informational page
Fall Cankerworm FactSheet
Tanglefoot Tree Banding Products
Arborman (McNeary's Arborists tree banding information)
Bartlett Tree Services (PDF cankerworm fact sheet)

Saturday 14 October Hopebuilders 5k (map)
Friday 13 October Light the Night Walk Turn on your porch lights to show your support!

Rap Sheet
Saturday 21 September-masked bandit attempts to rob couple on lower Biltmore around midnight. Wears dreadlocks and drives a red sports car. Also suspected of robbing a man on Laurel earlier the same night.

Tuesday 19 September-Shoreham Road. Door-to-door panhandler. Claiming to raise money for his sports team and that he lives in the neighborhood. He came through around the same time last year(see September 2005 archive). We've seen quite a few e-mails on this guy:
    • White male 20-25 years
    • Muscular Build (athletic) 6-2 in Height
    • Short brown hair
    • Casual clothing, light blue shirt, with cargo shorts
      and white and black athletic shoes.
    • Described as well spoken and attractive.

I'm sure there are plenty of items not included that ought to be. PLEASE, feel free to add your comments!

Happy Banding!

21 September 2006

Fight cankerworm! Let's All Band Together!

nasty creature

Hello Neighbors!
This is Squishy the very hungry Cankerworm. Bet you have forgotten how Squishy and millions of his relatives defoliated our lovely trees last Spring. Yards and yards of sticky filaments blowing through the air, little green worms in your hair, down your shirt, in your food if you were foolish enough to attempt dining al fresco. And just think, of all the millions of cankerworms, at least half were female. And each one of those will lay millions of eggs in the tops of our trees this November and December, unless...

Yes! We must all band together. (corny I know, but not my cliche). If you band, but your neighbors don't, your money and efforts will be wasted. If your neighbors band, and you don't, then you, my friend are responsible for the 2nd year of record cankerworm infestation in Charlotte, and consequently the third, after which all the beautiful big oaks will die. Damaged and dying trees drop large, heavy limbs, possibly on children or pets playing beneath. Do you want to be responsible for death and destruction? So please!!!! Everyone, band your trees.

For a pamphlet on ways to fight cankerworms, call the city landscape management office at 704-336-4262.

19 September 2006

Avast! Today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Well, yo ho ho(completely meaningless articulation) me hearties (my friends, mi amigos, y'all). Ahoy there to ye.(Hello to you, hola, haay)In honor of TLAP day, this will be a piratical post. To avoid confusion, pirate terminology will be in bold face, and translations in English, Spanish, and Southern will follow, in that order, so everybody can understand. Just kidding. I'd have to hire a linguist. I don't speak Southern. (he he he haw he haw!)

By now you all have heard about "the incident" on Hampton. On 9/17, a youngish man described by a witness as skinny, medium height with blue eyes and reddish almost shoulder-length hair... wearing a baseball cap and a dark-colored t-shirt, long pants and work boots...truck was new-looking, tan/brown, and kind of "souped up" with some type of metal poles (exhaust pipes?) sticking up behind the cab, stopped on the street, got out with the engine still running, and approached 2 young boys playing outside.

Please be on the lookout for this bilge-sucking blaggard (dirty villain, el diablo, varmint), and hopefully soon we'll have his lights and liver (rip out his lungs and liver), after which we'll teach the filthy chumbucket (bucket for holding unwanted fish parts) to dance with Jack Ketch (hang) and send him to Davey Jones's Locker (the bottom of the sea). Watch your children while they are playing outside. Know where they are at all times. Check out radKIDS, a site devoted to teaching children what to do in the event they are approached by a predator. Don't forget on October 26th, Ed Smart, father of Elizabeth Smart (the girl who was kidnapped from her bedroom in Utah) will be speaking at Myers Park Baptist Church.

28 August 2006

Well! Aren't we the selfish elitist neighborhood?

First, we are criticized because we don't want a conduit from crime central going right through our back yards. Now it seems that we are selfish because we don't want Providence Road Traffic diverted through our neighborhood. Check out this article from the Charlotte Observer.

Take a good look
at these two handsome young men. They are suspected of burgling a home on Sharon Road.
From L.D:
...the criminals who broke into our house (well, had our stuff and most certainly also committed the robbery).They are Franklin Gerald Alexander and Larry Ronald Wagner.They were in a gray/silver small Nissan pick-up truck with Alabama tag...They were still in jail yesterday, but the police expect them to be released very soon.The sergeant is coming by this morning to have me sign a statement saying they were not authorized to have our stolen goods (duh!)...then he will present this to the district attorney,and ask him to charge them with breaking and entering in addition to possession of stolen goods.

Many events in the near future. Keep checking back. The Latin Festival at the Mint, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Halloween...

02 August 2006

Highlights and Links from Eastover Times

Just to recap a few of the more important items, so that when you throw out your newsletter and realize you want to review a piece of information you saw in it, you will be able to access it here. Well, whenever they get time to PDF the most recent newsletters. Skip the intro to get to the page that links to previous newsletters. Until they do, here is the most important stuff, with links to some helpful information.

  1. Greenway Project-a paved 6 foot wide, unlighted walkway/bikeway, linking 11 backyards on Scotland Avenue to Randolph Road. E-mail Cindy Woodlief at cindywoodlief@carolina.rr.com with land use questions.
  2. Cankerworm, 4/21/06 City Council update on cankerworm infestation. Scroll down to nearly the bottom of the page.
  3. Officer Laura Nelson Lnelson@cmpd.org, 704-943-2433

31 July 2006

Mug Shot

Here is the ugly mug of Terry Baldwin. Check out his arrest record here. If you see him, you know what to do...Stay away! Above all, do not open your door to this man!
From CMPD: We have been closely watching a man named Terry Baldwin (white male, stocky build with black hair) in the area. After a short stay in prison he was released 1-2 months ago. Many business owners in the area are familiar with him because he targeted the area before for break-ins. Since his release he has been arrested at least three more times for a variety of offenses including being caught in the middle of breaking into a business on 10th Street. Although he seems to prefer businesses, there is no reason to think he wouldn't steal from unlocked cars, storage sheds or homes either. Our officers are well aware of him and have nabbed him those three times and we are looking at additional cases to try and link him to. He is a prime example of how one offender can cause a crime wave.
Newsletters will be delivered Tuesday, August 1. I'm told there is some "time sensitive" information in them, probably pertaining to the greenway, but possibly to something else.
On Tuesday, August 1, 2006 neighborhoods in Mecklenburg County will turn on their porch lights for National Night Out, an annual, nationwide event designed to promote neighborhood safety and solidarity.The purpose of National Night Out is to heighten crime and drug prevention awareness, generate support for crime prevention, strengthen neighborhood spirit and police community relations. Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods areorganized and fighting back. Don't forget to turn on your porch lights!

05 July 2006

It's been over six months! Did anyone notice?

Hello Neighbors!

Well, we've all been busy! Just checking in today to see if this thing still works. I will be adding some more posts in the near future, but for today, this is it.

Check out the official pages on the greenway, to keep yourself up to date, and please, everyone, post anything you think might be useful as we go forward and move into the construction phase of the sewer project. These pages offer e-mail notification of updates, so register for that if you are interested.

30 December 2005


OK everybody. Looks like the Greenway is going to be the hot topic of 2006! I am trying to find out everything I can about this project and I encourage each and every one of you to do the same. There is a public meeting on January 12, 2006. Watch for your mail for details. We need as many neighbors as possible to turn out for this event and voice opposition. If you have any news or information on this project, this is the forum for it. We all need to educate ourselves and discover by what means we may prevail!

26 November 2005

Storm Drainage Improvement Project

I'm sure you all received the neighborhood meeting minutes in the mail. Who has time to read through all that stuff right now? If you put it in your stack of stuff to read later, most likely it will be thrown out with all the junk mail you saved for your future reading pleasure at some elusive period of excess leisure. Ha! Well, I'm here for you. Go ahead and throw it out now.
You can click this link Cherokee/Scotland Storm Drainage Improvement Project. It is not going anywhere. I know you will have time for this, because if you are surfing the internet, you get sucked in and start wasting time on useless websites, such as JibJab (one of my favorites). Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving, and good luck during the upcoming holidays!

25 October 2005

They weren't Trick or Treating!

This important bulletin just in from the ERA!
At approximately 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning, October 23, neighbors on Malvern who were awake with a sick child witnessed something interesting. A champagne colored pick-up truck driving up Malvern from Hampton Avenue with no lights on. The truck stopped and six black guys jumped out. Three men ran down Hampton and three ran up Malvern. They were apparently trying to open cars and running into backyards. The neighbor did see the guys putting items into the truck (They left some small items that they did not want on the grass in front of one neighbor’s house) The police were called, but by the time they arrived, the men had already gone.

24 October 2005

Trick or Treat! Other neighborhood blogs?

Lower Scotland has been officially recognized and welcomed to the blogosphere by another local blogger. Under the Watertower deals with neighborhood news in the Elizabeth neighborhood. There are also some interesting links* to other Charlotte news and blogs. Check it out!
(*disclaimer-Lower Scotland is not responsible for content published on other blogs! Lower Scotland neither endorses nor condemns such content. View at your own risk!)
Did everyone get the notice for the Halloween Parade on Biltmore at 4:00pm on Halloween? If not, e-mail me and I will give you the particulars. Check back afterwards for photos! (only of well-disguised revelers)

15 October 2005

What he did is NOT illegal, but...

Here he is, dear neighbors. Driving the ice cream truck around our neighborhood and photographing children on the playground. Not illegal, but suspicious indeed. He was arrested for trespassing on September 1st, after a teacher on the Eastover playground noticed what he was doing and called police. Read about the incident here. See his arrest record here. I made his photo as large as I could so you could get a good look at him, because as he was doing nothing illegal, they had to let him go. Yes, he is still out there. As his cover has been blown, he's not likely to be driving that ice cream truck anymore. Keep your eyes open, and watch your children.

14 October 2005

Hopebuilders 5K Race Day

Hello Neighbors! Just a reminder to everyone: no parking on lower Scotland Avenue on Saturday morning, October 15, from 8:00 AM until about 10:30 PM. Traffic access will be limited during that time. Check out the Hopebuilders website for all the important information about the event and its purpose.

22 September 2005

Kowabunga dude! Something new to do next weekend...

Dude! Where's your helmet? Well, go find it so we can go to the new skate park! It's on Beal Street, just off of Wendover. Follow the link below for more info.

Grayson Skate Park
Extreme Grand Opening of Grayson SkatePark is Saturday, October 1, 2005 from 10am to 4pm and Sunday, October 2, 2005 from 2pm to 5pm. Join the fun of demos, music, giveaways, and more! PLUS for the weekend it's FREE!
This $632,000 state-of-the-art facility is a new, hip recreational venue provided by the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department. Built with bond funds, the Skatepark has a 1,300 square foot concrete course for skate boarders and in-line skaters. It caters to a full range of users from beginners to the experienced vert crowd, with features including:
Street Course, Banks, Transitions, Corners, Rails, and ledges. Multi bowl ranging from 5-1/2 to 10-1/2 feet. Instead of cutting a ribbon, County Commissioner Dan Bishop and Park and Recreation Commissioner Larry Huelsman will lead the ceremonial cutting of a chain with bolt cutters ("It's more extreme, man") to officially open the facility. The ceremony will also include music, giveaways of skating equipment, and demonstrations by championship skaters from Charlotte, Charleston and Atlanta: Dave "Science Fair" Maxwell, A.J. Chase, Chuck Powell, Mark "Otis" Smith, Chris "the Keith Richards of Skateboarding" Collette, David "Malachi" Smith, Ray Fannessey, and more. The presenting sponsor of the grand opening is Streamline General Contractors, which built the Grayson facility in special consultation with John Woodstock Design and California Skateparks, industry leaders is skatepark design.
Grayson SkatePark will be open seven days a week:
Mondays - Saturdays, 10 a.m. to sunset Sundays, 2 p.m. to sunset. Admission charge is $1 per visit to skate as long as you want. A 3-month pass is $20 and an annual pass is $40.
All skaters/skateboarders must sign a release. Those younger than age 18 must have a notarized permission form from parent or guardian. Forms are available on http://www.parkandrec.com/ or at the adjacent Naomi Drenan Recreation Center.

Scam Artist on the Loose. BEWARE!

Wednesday evening a tall, white male teen-aged boy rang our bell and knocked loudly. He was a big boy, about 6 ft. and wearing an athletic jersey of some sort. I first refused to open the door but he (very easily) convinced me he was the son of a neighbor. He said he was selling books to raise money for his baseball team. He had no order forms or books, and he was looking all around while he was talking to me, behind him, off to the side...of course I told him no. Apparently he has been all over the neighborhood, as those of you receiving e-mail bulletins already know. His stories range from raising money so his team (sometimes it's basketball) can go to the play-offs in Maui, to "could you just give me $20?" So, considering the previous incidents, please remember to keep your cars locked, as well as your windows and doors, and most importantly, DO NOT open the door to strangers. Even to innocent looking young people who might, or more likely might NOT be the child of your neighbors. That's why it's so important for us all to get out and meet one another! Know who your neighbors are.

Useful Numbers:
CRIME STOPPERS – (704) 334-1600
VICE HOTLINE – (704) 336-8423

10 September 2005

Recent Break-in on Beverly

Sometime during the weekend of August 26th (either Friday or Sat night), a neighbor on Beverly (between Portland and Rensford) had their house broken into. Apparently, the intruders came in through an unlocked kitchen window. The alarm was not activated. Lights outside were on but there no motion sensors. Both cars were gone. Items taken were small electronic equipment which led police to suspect teenagers. Additionally, this home is near a construction site which police also noted tends to increase crime in the area.

Lost German Shepherd

Some neighbors on Hungerford have lost their German Shepherd doggie. Let us hope that this beloved family pet has not run away to Hollywood, lured by false promises of a part in Will Ferrell's movie and a starring role in a dog food commercial. Please get in touch with me if you have seen a German Shepherd (this is a generic photo, not a photo of the lost dog) wandering around, and I will give you the contact info or I will contact the owners for you.


Mosquito Control Part Z

Knock knock! Who's there? Amos! Amos who? A mosquito...

Mrs Z. On upper Scotland recommends Vicks Vapor Rub on pulse points to repel mosquitoes! Vicks is great for bite relief, but I did not know it had repellent properties. The mosquitoes seem to be thriving again right now. Those pesky [bleep]s knew I wasn't wearing any Vicks Vapor Rub today the way they were snacking on me. Thanks for the tip Mrs. Z! I'm trying that tomorrow.

Q. How are mosquitoes like tomatoes?

A.The singular does not end with an e.

01 September 2005

Avast! Did ye know September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day?

jolly roger Ahoy there neighbors! Having a special place in me heart for pirates (Not the Country Day variety, but nothing special against them either) I must promote International Talk Like a Pirate Day. (This is NOT an endorsement of the book.) So, come out and say things to your neighbors like "shiver me timbers! Ye scurvy dogs!Shake yer booty!" Actually, that last line would be disco pirate talk. And that would be another holiday. Arrgh!

The flag pictured above be known as a Jolly Roger. If the crossed bones were replaced by crossed cutlasses, t'would be a John or Jack Rackham flag.

For more info on how to talk like a pirate and International Talk Like a Pirate Day,
check out these links...

30 August 2005

High, Wide, and Handsome?

That's one possible title, but they are going to have some serious post production work if "Handsome" refers to the star. However there are some people who think that Jeff Gordon is handsome. Will Ferrell (or is it President Bush?) stars as a wacky NASCAR driver in "High, Wide and Handsome". Ten points for creativity! (Hey! was that Will Ferrell who came to our neighborhood before, you know, for dinner, or was it actually W?) Next Tuesday and Wednesday, September 6th and 7th, filming will take place on Museum near the dog park. According to another reliable source, filming will be on Hungerford. This is top secret information, which I am only sharing with you so that you can avoid the traffic. Our neighbors on those streets would also like for folks to stay away. Lots of trucks, and who knows what else? Keep your doors locked. For more information, scant though it is, check these links:

Lock Your Car!

Well, it looks as though some folks over on Malvern haven't been checking out our Lowerscotland blog, because if they did, they would know to keep their cars locked! This just in from the Eastover Resident's Association...

"This morning(Tuesday, August 30) a neighbor on Malvern reported that someone had gone through her unlocked car. The car was parked in her driveway. Another resident on Malvern also reported a cell phone stolen from her unlocked car. This should be a reminder to us all to keep our cars locked at night,no matter where they are parked! Also,please make sure that you report these types incidents to the police so that they are aware of the volume of breakins. "

28 August 2005

Did you think your dog went to visit his relatives for a while?

No, your dog did not go fishing with his brother-in-law in South Dakota last weekend. If you have a large yellow Labrador retriever with an orange collar, he is visiting his 3 doggie friends who live on Cherokee. He has out stayed his welcome. Now go retrieve him!

22 August 2005

Keep Your Cars Locked

I have been informed, by one of my many informants (that's one of you, neighbors) that certain cars in certain driveways on our street have been pilfered. So, two things follow:

1) Do not leave cash or valuables or anything remotely attractive in your cars. Ever.

2) Keep your cars locked. Double check before you go to bed at night. Look out your window and press the little button on that little thingy on your key ring.

Always lock your car.

01 August 2005

Mosquito Control 3-The Visit

Yes! I have just been informed that the Mosquito Patrol visited our neighborhood, to seek out and empty containers of standing water. I found a crumpled document stuffed into my door handle. This official document from the county health department was left to inform me that the Mosquito Patrol had visited my yard and neighborhood, and removed any standing water discovered that day.

17 July 2005

Light the Night Breakfast with John and Dave Stedman

From John B Stedman:

My brother, David, and I are hosting a breakfast on July 26, 2005 from 8:00 to 9:00 at the Mint Museum on Randolph Road. I would like to invite you to be our guest. At this delectable continental breakfast, we will encourage you to form a team to walk in the Light the Night Walk. The Light the Night Walk raises money to find a cure for blood-related cancers and to improve the quality of life of patients and their families. Last year was the first time that I participated in the Light the Night Walk. I was inspired to participate since my father died of Leukemia in 2001.

Here is my view on the walk: My family, friends, and co-workers will join 1000 other people on a cool October evening at the Mint Museum for food and fellowship. We will walk through the Eastover neighborhood holding red and white balloons. Each person carrying a red balloon is a volunteer and each person carrying a white balloon is a cancer survivor. My children were amazed at the line of balloons as far as you can see with inspirational white balloons bouncing along the way. Think about the courage of these cancer survivors walking with this group and proudly letting people know of their illness. It was truly inspirational and a great evening with people that I care about. This year, the event will be held Friday evening, October 21st at the Mint Museum. Last year, we raised more than $147,000 with over 1000 walkers. Many area businesses and organizations already participate in the Light The Night Walk and the number is growing every year! In order to continue this growth, we must increase the number of area businesses, families and individuals that participate in the Light The Night Walk.

Please consider spending one hour having breakfast with me on July 26 at the Mint Museum. You will hear from two cancer survivors, Matthew Reynolds and Damon DiOrio, who will share their passion in supporting this cause. At the end of the breakfast, I hope you will be inspired to form a team and join me in our walk to fight cancer.
Please RSVP to Cindy Bradley at 704-998-5012, ext. 104 at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Best regards, John
John B. Stedman, Jr.
President/CEO The Scottish Bank
1057 Providence Road Charlotte, NC 28207
Ph: 704-331-8686, ext. 101 Fax: 704-331-9695

13 July 2005

New Neighbors

Please join me in welcoming the McA. family to the neighborhood. They'll be moving into Ms. M's house in early August. Since I try to avoid posting personally identifying info here, you'll have to wait for the e-mail for more details. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up! And farewell to Ms. M. That was a great Christmas party you gave last year!

12 July 2005

Mosquito Control-Part Deux!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I received this helpful response from the official mosquito patrol of Mecklenburg County: "Mecklenburg County does not 'fog' or spray neighborhoods for adult mosquito control. We do provide control via treating/eliminating standing water areas, performing neighborhood surveys in backyards, education, etc. That said, I suggest we do up a Service Request on your residence at ---- Scotland Avenue, 28207 and survey yours and nearby yards."
Dennis Salmen,
RS Environmental Program Manager
Mecklenburg County Health Dept.
(704) 336-5554

In other words, if you have any standing water on your property, get rid of it! When you stop laughing, that is. (He assures me the mosquitos do not breed on the creek. Silly me!)

11 July 2005

Who's that knockin at the door? Who's that ringin the bell? DON'T let'em in...

This should serve as a reminder, if you don't know the person at the door, DON'T OPEN IT!!! Even if they look nice, sound legitimate, just don't do it. Think about the BTK. He looked like a nice person and gave legitimate reasons to come in.

On Saturday, July 9 at a home on Cherokee, a Hispanic female posing as a laundry service employee persuaded the victim to let her inside to use a pencil and paper, to leave a note for the victim's neighbor, said neighbor purported to be a subscriber to the laundry service. While the Hispanic female kept the victim busy in the kitchen, her unseen conspirator sneaked upstairs and spirited away about $15,000 worth of jewelry.

This information was forwarded to Scott Swimmer by:
Dennie L. Crowder
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
8050 #100 Corporate Center Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28226
Traffic, Media & Special Projects Coordinator
704-544-4835 FAX- 704-544-4838

07 July 2005

Mosquito Control

Just look at that beautiful mosquito. Thanks to all the rain and flooding we had today, there'll be no shortage of these beauties. I have a request in to the county health department to see what, if anything, can be done to diminish the mosquito population in our area. If you'd like to complain about the mosquitos, call the county's official mosquito complaints department at 704-336-5101. (That's not a joke!) You can also check out Mecklenburg County's Official Mosquito Ordinance! Bet you didn't know there's a law against them critters.

06 July 2005

Neighborhood Garage Sale?

My next door neighbor, Ms. J, has expressed interest in a community garage sale. Garage sale permits cost $5 per participant, and you could split the cost of the online and print newspaper ads, which I believe are around $10. If you have any interest in participating, please e-mail me and I'll pass your name on to Ms. J. For information on garage sales check out Char-Meck.org.

04 July 2005

Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday we passed out the news letters and neighborhood directories. Please e-mail me soon with your e-mails. The object here is to save paper, time, and $$$.

Has anyone visited the new Myers Park Nail Spa? It's in the space where Petite Panache used to be,next to Wolfman Pizza. If you've been there, give us a rating! I plan to try it out next week.

I'm also excited about the new Panera bakery. Since Just Fresh left we haven't really had a neighborhood lunch hangout. The Panera in Winston-Salem has a lounge with a fireplace, very cozy, and a seperate enclosed room for meetings. The food is delicious.I hope this one is as nice.

25 June 2005

Welcome to your Neighborhood Blog!

Hello lower Scotland Avenue Neighbors!
I have created this blog to keep everyone informed and connected. I plan to post important or interesting neighborhood information here,and I invite you to post your own or e-mail me with your comments,suggestions, and important information about neighborhood happenings.I will be passing out a contact information checklist for updates within a few days. Please include your e-mail so that you may receive notification of neighborhood incidents such as crimes or lost pets, as soon as I receive them. If you do not have e-mail, or do not wish to participate, please indicate in the space for e-mail address, and I will try to make sure you receive a hard copy of any such reports at your door, as soon as possible. Needless to say, e-mail saves time, paper, and money, so please participate if you have e-mail.

Lower Scotland Blogger

Lost Cat

Have you seen this cat? His name is Stripes. Gray Tabby, Green Eyes, 13 pounds. If you have seen him or know where he is please contact me through this blog. I will contact the owners, because I don't want to publish personal contact information on this webpage.

Recent Incidents and Reports

From: Scott Swimmer
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2005 7:21 PM
To: Nelson, Laura
Subject: activity

Hello Laura, What can you tell me about all of the incidences in the neighborhood lately? Getting a lot of nervous emails... Also, How many and how often do the bike patrol officers cruise the neighborhood?


The biggest problem in Eastover right now is breaking and entering. One of the main suspects has been recently arrested and is still in jail-Eric B. Salley.You can see his pretty face on-line at the Mecklenburg County Sherrif's Office homepage if you would like. Mr. Salley should be in there a while-he has been charged with robbery, breaking and entering, and some other smaller charges. He is not the only suspect that breaks into houses and steals things off of front porches. The police department has many suspects in mind, and the breaking and entering detectives are always available for questions and concerns. The breaking and entering detective for the Eastover Neighborhood is Detective Muriel Reid-her office phone number is 704-943-2509.

The bike patrol has a 30 square mile district that they ride five days a week. Normally the bike patrol picks a district "hot spot" and will ride there several days...then they will pick another area and ride there for a while. Officer Danny Graham is my point of contact for the bike unit. Officer Graham can be reached by e-mail at wgraham@cmpd.org or by phone 704 943-2417. If you send him an e-mail advising him that you haven't seen the bike unit in Eastover, he will make arrangement to ride over there for a couple of days. I will also express your concerns to him and I'll ask him to patrol over there more heavily.

Laura Nelson
Providence Division
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
704 943-2433